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30 Days Wild 2020

I was going to start off the week with a success story from the garden – we have a bird box on the wall, and there had been a flurry of activity with a Wren busy gathering up nesting material.

A couple of weeks ago, we spotted the adult Wren peeking out of the box (using a long lens on the camera, so we didn’t get close to the box), and it looked like there’d be some baby Wrens soon.

A week or two later, there was what appears to be a young Wren peeking out of the box, with what looked like a lovely spiked hairdo!

With the possibility of three baby Wrens (at least we thought we’d seen three beaks at one point – it’s hard to tell from a distance!), we were keeping a close eye out for any predators that were getting close to the garden. After all, providing a nest box made us feel rather responsible for the little ones!

Unfortunately, a Jay has braved the somewhat enclosed garden area where the box is, landing on the fence and even directly in front of the box itself. I can’t be certain if it managed to take any of the youngsters, but I have a feeling this won’t be the nice little success story I was hoping for.

I guess it proves that even in a man-made environment, these birds are preyed on by lots of larger birds, and it shows how much they have to go through to survive.

10th January 2020

Did you know today was the Wolf Moon, and also a lunar eclipse? This type of lunar eclipse just makes the moon appear slightly less bright…. which was quite hard to tell given the slight wispy clouds that were covering it at times as well.

Taking photos of the moon through double glazed windows always gives a reflection of the moon. Where I needed to have the camera settings to show the halo around the moon, the reflection is amazingly clear so I kept it in rather than trying to crop it out.