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Dreamwash Roulade

I’d never used the previous incarnation of Dreamwash, but I was drawn towards the new Dreamwash Roulade display in the shop, and decided to buy a piece to try out.

Displayed as a large Swiss Roll style block, it’s cut into 100g chunks at the till. Mine was a little under 100g (more like 85g), but I was happy with that.

Lush Dreamwash Roulade Review

My first problem was where to store it – it was just wrapped in the paper bag and by the time I got home, it was starting to make the bag quite greasy. So I dug out an empty Helping Hands pot to store it in. Of course this meant I needed to cut the roulade to get it to fit (it’d need cutting to use a small piece anyway), and this is where my second problem occurred. It’s quite a creamy consistency, which is very nice, but a nightmare to cut! After getting most of it back off the knife, I finally had it stored in the pot and was looking forward to using it.

I’d seen a few reviews on other blogs where they claimed you didn’t need to use much at all to get a lather, so I took a small piece into the shower. Unfortunately my idea of “small” obviously didn’t match the other reviewers’ idea, as my marble-sized piece was only enough to wash one arm!

While it did produce a nice amount of creamy foam on my skin, I found it wasn’t quite enough to be able to use a body puff, and had to rub some more onto the puff to get any real effect. This meant I used rather a lot more than I had anticipated, and I don’t think this roulade would last as long as Whoosh. In fact this 85g block looks like it will last for a grand total of 6 baths….

This could be down to the “extra hard” water we have – certainly some products don’t bubble as easily in harder water.

On the positive side, I decided to use some Dreamwash roulade to wash my legs with, after using an epilator, as I find my legs end up rather red and splotchy afterwards. That seemed to work really well, and I only needed to use half the amount of cream in the evening to get splotch-free legs in the morning.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy the Roulade again – it was just too messy to use & store, and I didn’t feel it lasted across enough washes to justify purchasing it again. If Lush ever re-released the tub of Dreamwash though, I’d definitely buy one to test that out!


The sheer size of the Skydancer – Far from the Madding Guns bath bomb catches your attention, then the scent hits you around the head. Well, not literally, but it’s definitely a strong scent. In fact, I had this bath bomb in the paper bag it came in, then in a plastic freezer bag, then that was in two Lush paper carriers…. and the entire room still was smelling of this! In the end, I put the freezer bag into a clean ice cream tub with the lid on – that contained the scent until I was ready to use the bath bomb 😉

Lush Skydancer Review

Seeing as it is raising money to save the Hen Harriers, I overlooked the heady smell (apparently it’s meant to smell of liquorice, but it seemed like a very strong mixture of floral scents to me), and decided it was worth trying. Because it’s such a large bath bomb, I broke mine in half to use. This meant I also felt it was more affordable, at £1.98 per bath rather than £3.95!

Once in the water, the aroma softened. It still was noticeable, but not anywhere near as strong as in the bag, which was definitely a bonus. Watching it dissolve in the water, it looks utterly amazing – the bird appears to fly across the surface of the water, with a stream of blue coming from the wings, like contrails in the sky. Even after the bath bomb had fully dissolved, swooshing the water around released a little more of the aroma, which is something I’d felt was lacking when I tried Twilight before.

What I wasn’t impressed with, however, was the disgustingly lime green shade the water turned. For me, a nice shade of sky blue would have made more sense, given that the Hen Harriers fly in the sky…. but that aside, it was a nice bath bomb.

Lush Skydancer Review

Unfortunately for my hayfever, the scent lingered on my skin (and hair – even after washing it with Honey I Washed my Hair, then using Jungle conditioner, which usually masks any other scents) after my afternoon bath, which while saving the need to use any perfume, did mean that by the morning, my nose was suffering. This, combined with the really nasty shade of water, would mean I wouldn’t buy this one again.

But, if you don’t mind the alarmingly vibrant green water, and love a strong smelling bath though, then why not give it a try?

Pumice Power

When I heard that Stepping Stone was going to be discontinued, I did wonder what the replacement would be like. Stepping Stone was a nice way to exfoliate my feet, but my hands weren’t too keen on the gritty pieces, so it wasn’t ideal for me.

Thankfully, Pumice Power doesn’t need to be broken up to use it – it just needs to be rubbed over wet feet to get the effect. There’s also not the same level of coloured pieces in the bath after you’ve finished using it, which has to be a bonus.

Lush Pumice Power Review

It has quite a strong orange scent, which is proving excellent at stopping my feet from smelling! I’ve used this several times so far, and there’s a small dip appearing in the base now. Despite this, I think it should last longer than Stepping Stone did, as it dries out quickly after use and doesn’t seem to disintegrate while it’s sitting on a soap dish next to the bath.

For £3.10 this is definitely an item I’ll be buying again, as it’s a very good excuse to stop neglecting my feet so much!

Handy Gururgu

I spotted Handy Gurugu on the Lush website and was eager to try it out. One staff member told me that it probably wouldn’t be as good as Dream Cream for my skin, and on a separate shopping trip, a different staff member recommended it, so I came away with a small tester pot to try it out for myself!

The first thing that strikes you when you open the pot is the smell. I can’t quite place what it is, and although it smells fresh, it’s definitely strong! It’s a really thick cream which means you definitely don’t need much of it – this tester pot should last quite a while.

Lush Handy Gurugu Review

It’s not a cream I have used much of, mainly due to the overpowering aroma. For me, it’s just too strongly scented to be a cream I can use on a regular basis. However, if you like your hand cream to have a really strong scent, then this could be the one for you!