Month: August 2015

  • Dreamwash Roulade

    Dreamwash Roulade

    I’d never used the previous incarnation of Dreamwash, but I was drawn towards the new Dreamwash Roulade display in the shop, and decided to buy a piece to try out. Displayed as a large Swiss Roll style block, it’s cut into 100g chunks at the till. Mine was a little under 100g (more like 85g), but […]

  • Skydancer


    The sheer size of the Skydancer – Far from the Madding Guns bath bomb catches your attention, then the scent hits you around the head. Well, not literally, but it’s definitely a strong scent. In fact, I had this bath bomb in the paper bag it came in, then in a plastic freezer bag, then that […]

  • Pumice Power

    Pumice Power

    When I heard that Stepping Stone was going to be discontinued, I did wonder what the replacement would be like. Stepping Stone was a nice way to exfoliate my feet, but my hands weren’t too keen on the gritty pieces, so it wasn’t ideal for me. Thankfully, Pumice Power doesn’t need to be broken up to use […]

  • Handy Gururgu

    Handy Gururgu

    I spotted Handy Gurugu on the Lush website and was eager to try it out. One staff member told me that it probably wouldn’t be as good as Dream Cream for my skin, and on a separate shopping trip, a different staff member recommended it, so I came away with a small tester pot to […]