Month: October 2015

  • Copperhead shampoo bar

    Copperhead shampoo bar

    Having purchased Copperhead for a friend’s birthday present, I was tempted to get one to try for myself. It’s recently become an online exclusive, but I was lucky enough to get one from the store before they sold out. At first glance, it’s a much drier format than shampoo bars like Montalbano or Honey I Washed […]

  • Dashing Santa

    Dashing Santa

    Dashing Santa was one of those impulse purchases in the Christmas sale last year. I brought it back home, put it into the cupboard, and forgot all about it…. seeing as it’s re-released in this year’s Christmas range, I thought it was about time I used mine. Even after being stored for 9 and a bit months, the orange […]

  • Golden Handshake

    Golden Handshake

    Having used my free (free when you return 5 empty black pots to a Lush store) fresh masks on my hands rather than on my face, I was eager to try the new Golden Handshake hot hand mask (recently released into other stores, after being an Oxford Street special initially). It’s a tiny product, weighing just […]

  • Intergalactic


    One of the newly released bath bombs, Intergalactic is quite quite strongly scented, although not as overpowering as Skydancer. At £3.95, it’s quite a pricey bath bomb, so I cut mine into half to make the bath seem a little more affordable! The disadvantage of cutting it, meant that my hands turned blue where I […]