Copperhead shampoo bar

Having purchased Copperhead for a friend’s birthday present, I was tempted to get one to try for myself. It’s recently become an online exclusive, but I was lucky enough to get one from the store before they sold out.

Lush Copperhead Review

At first glance, it’s a much drier format than shampoo bars like Montalbano or Honey I Washed my Hair, and it does seem to take a little longer to lather up. Rubbing the shampoo bar between my hands, a lot of small pieces came off (which I’m assuming are coffee). I did find this irritated my palms a little, although it didn’t affect my scalp.

Copperhead has henna included, and I was looking forward to seeing the effect on my blonde hair. Montalbano has enhanced my natural blonde, and even after one use, Copperhead has given my hair a slightly reddy shine. It’s nicely subtle, which is what I was hoping for.

Copperhead does seem to be a slightly drying shampoo – my scalp felt dry after the second use, so I would probably alternate this with another shampoo bar just to ensure my skin doesn’t get too dry. My hair, however, seems to have taken to this shampoo bar really well – after two uses, it’s looking great.

It’s a pity this is online only now, but as long as my hands don’t have too much of a problem when I use this, it might well be a shampoo bar I’ll buy again. Certainly if I can get 60 washes from it, that makes the £5.95 price tag seem really good value for money!

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