Month: November 2015

  • Holly Golightly bubble bar

    Holly Golightly bubble bar

    After my disappointment at Peeping Santa, I decided to pick one of the other Christmas bubble bars to try. I’m not really a huge fan of glitter, but Holly Golightly looked nicely Christmassy and I took the plunge. Like Peeping Santa, this is a pretty firm bubble bar, which really doesn’t want to be broken up! Eventually breaking […]

  • Peeping Santa

    Peeping Santa

    The first thing that struck me about Peeping Santa was the cute appearance of it – shaped like a bubbleroon, but with a Santa hat and eyes.I had high hopes for this little bubble bar. It’s not the easiest of bubble bars to break apart – rather than using the entire base in one go, I […]

  • Butterbear bath bomb

    Butterbear bath bomb

    Being a fan of the Butterball bath bomb, I was eager to try the seasonal variation, Butterbear. At £1.95, it’s 70p cheaper than the Butterball, so I wondered just how effective it would be. Moulded into an attractive polar bear shape, there’s a small amount of cocoa powder on the muzzle, and you can tell just […]

  • Cinders


    Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot! Yes it’s Bonfire Night again, and what better way to celebrate than using a Cinders bath bomb from Lush? ….ok, so standing around a bonfire watching fireworks might be better, but this is cheaper, and the big firework displays aren’t until the weekend anyway 😛 Costing £2.95 […]