Buzzing Bees on a Blackberry Bush

Although you can buy Blackberry plants from garden centres, they grow readily in the wild: the side of the lane was full of the thorny stems and flowers, with plenty of bees gathering nectar.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 24 - Bees

As I was taking photos, two passers-by stopped to look at the flowers. Commenting to each other on the abundance of “blossom” and bees, they then walked off. I do wonder if they’ll be back with a punnet once the blackberries are ripe!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 24 - Bees


One response to “Buzzing Bees on a Blackberry Bush”

  1. I love these photos & the amazingly clear detail. I like the delicate shade of the flowers, but those thorns! They look like they could do some serious damage!! I can almost hear those bees buzzing! 🙂

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