Crane Flies

I thought I’d go with an unusual angle for today – this insect was clinging to the outside of the window this morning, posing perfectly for a photo. The only trouble is that I’ve obviously only seen the underside of the insect, and most identification photos are taken from the top!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 27 - Insect on the window

Just going on the general shape and the legs, I’m pretty sure this is a Crane Fly and according to the UK Safari site, the females have what looks like a stinger (but is actually for laying eggs rather than stinging!) on the end of the abdomen – so this one is most likely female.

Despite most people viewing a “Daddy Long Legs” as a spider, it is in fact a Crane Fly – we had an in depth discussion in work about that, when we found a Crane Fly on the wall in the staff room. While someone was catching it to release it outside, there was a heated debate about what it really was called. We never did come to an agreement!


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