A Feast for a Blackbird

Blackbirds have always loved our garden – one year we even had a Blackbird nest. This year we’ve let the Berberis grow berries instead of cutting it back,  and it appears to be a Blackbird’s favourite food!

They don’t find it easy to perch on the bendy branches, and of course the tastiest berries are always on the furthest tip of a branch. But this particulate Blackbird seems to not want to tell the others about it – I’m sure it was the same one that came three times today.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 33 - Blackbird and berries


2 responses to “A Feast for a Blackbird”

  1. It’s good to have plants that provide food & shelter for birds, this spiky shrub makes a good hedge too.
    Blackbirds find berries a real delicacy so they will work hard to get their reward. He looks quite well camouflaged in this shrub.

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