I decided to see how many different butterflies I could spot and identify today – on just a short stretch of wild flowers on the roadside, I spotted these three…. And a few more that flew off before I could get a photo of them!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 37 - Butterfly
Dragon Goes Wild - Day 37 - Butterfly

This butterfly refused to open its wings further out, so I’m not absolutely certain on the full markings. It could possibly be a Small Heath, but there’s probably several other butterflies that look similar!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 37 - Butterfly

This one was a little easier to identify – it’s a Ringlet, which is commonly found in woodlands. The large circular pattern on the wings seems to be unique to this type of butterfly, although apparently the actual number and distribution of the rings can vary.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 37 - Butterfly

I think this last one is either a Gatekeeper a Meadow Brown. Apparently they are very similar, with the main distinguishing feature being a row of white dots on the hind wing. Of course the hind wing wasn’t visible from this angle, so I can’t be certain.

UK Safari – Gatekeeper
Butterfly Conservation – Small Heath
UK Safari – Ringlet Butterfly

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  1. I love the detail in your shots, the final frame is my favourite. They would make a great set of greetings cards! 😉

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