Natural Spring

I live in an area full of natural springs – some suddenly appear in the middle of the road if we’ve had a particularly wet spell of weather, there’s one that will potentially be developed into a stream to provide water for a new allotment site, and there’s even some in gardens that have been developed into a water feature! I’m not sure where this particular spring starts, but it flows down a series of steps before dropping to road level where there’s a large drain to take the water away. It did seem strange to hear trickling water when you don’t think you’re that close to a natural water source!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 36 - Natural Spring

And a bonus photo for today – as I was walking along the road, I came across this swarm of flies. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the camera to focus on one to be able to identify them, but there were plenty all flying over one particular point in the road. I’ve always wondered what the appeal is of certain areas over others for flies – just one pace further down the road, there were none!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 36 - Fly Swarm


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