Not so tasty….

The House Sparrow families have been visiting the garden over the last few days, scooping up the food we’d put out, as well as taking a drink from the bird bath. But one sparrow had other ideas:

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 54 - Unusual Food?

Sitting in the ornamental Quince, he decided to sample one of the petals!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 54 - Unusual Food?

I’m not sure if it was the moisture on the petal that attracted his attention, or if he really thought it would be tasty, but after dropping that petal on the ground, he didn’t try picking any others off.


2 responses to “Not so tasty….”

  1. I’m really enjoying your wildlife notes. makes you realise how much interesting stuff is out there if you take the time to look! 🙂

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