Do you leave water for the birds?

With the hot weather that’s been forecast, we’re making sure to keep the bird bath topped up. Not only do the birds enjoy a cooling bath, but they also can drink from it.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 85 - Birdbath

For the smaller birds, we also have a water-filled plant saucer with a pebble in – the pebble helps to stop the pigeons from tipping it over, but also means the very small birds can get some shallower water to bathe in.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 85 - Birdbath

It’s not just the birds that use the bath though, I’ve seen a fox come into the garden at night and take advantage of some drinking water! We also have had numerous visits from a badger (we haven’t spotted it recently, but we have seen the ‘deposits’ that it’s left behind), and I’m guessing that the badger is also making the most of the water.


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