Woodland Walk

It’s a good job we’d walked this route before as the pathway has become somewhat overgrown in places! Spotting the beginning of the track is quite challenging:

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 70 - Narrow track

But after a while it opens up and by the time you reach the steps, it’s wide enough for two people to walk side by side.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 70 - Narrow track

Several saplings have been planted along the pathway, and if you couldn’t hear the sound of the traffic, you would be completely oblivious to the dual carriageway running less than a hundred metres to the left!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 70 - Narrow track

Unmarked pathways, but we know from previous walks that the route we need is to the right. The trees along this section all seem to be intertwined above the path, making a natural archway. I’m not sure if they’ve been ‘managed’ to achieve this, or if the slope of the ground made the trees on the right lean towards the opposite side of the path.



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