Month: September 2016

  • Rumbling around

    Following the radar images on, I could tell the rain was heading this way, but I hadn’t anticipated quite so much thunder to go with it! The rain was heading from the south, but this was the view to the north-east before the rain arrived. I still haven’t managed to get my timing right […]

  • A pair of cloudscapes

    Following on from yesterday’s cloudscapes, I took these photos one straight after the other, but looking in slightly different directions for each. It’s interesting to see how different the colour of the sky looks, but also the way the clouds had spread out in the second photo. The vapour trail can clearly be seen in […]

  • Cloudscapes

    One of my favourite ‘wild’ things to photograph would have to be cloudscapes – there’s a surprising number of different cloud formations, and that means each photo can look totally different! #30dayswild

  • Buzzing Around

    I was hoping to be able to spot some birds in the garden, but they had other ideas. I did however manage to spot this insect (I’m pretty sure it’s a bee, but it was moving a little too quickly for easy identification!), which seemed to be keen on these flowers in particular. #30dayswild

  • What a racket!

    I knew from the loud rattling shouts that there was a Jay somewhere nearby, but I hadn’t expected it to land right in the top of the tree. As I was taking these photos, a second Jay flew past, but this one just stayed in the tree, appearing to enjoy a shower from the rain. #30dayswild

  • Autumnal Feel

    Today’s photos have a real autumnal feel, despite it still being Summer. The fog seems to lie in a strange way across the valley, and almost looked like smoke against the hills. #30dayswild

  • Smiley Face Clouds??

    I’d taken the photo for the small hint of a rainbow, but looking again, there’s a definite smiley face made from the clouds. Those clouds really do seem to make two eyes, a mouth and some hair! #30dayswild