Monthly Archives: October 2016

Birds of Prey once more

Mum shouted from the garden that she’d seen a lot of birds of prey circling, but by the time I got my camera ready, they’d flown out of sight. I did however manage to get some blurred photos of one bird:

Dragon Goes Wild - 10th October - Bird of Prey

It’s not really close enough to tell, but it could be a Peregrine Falcon although some other suggestions have included Buzzard (although I think the colours are wrong) or Sparrowhawk.

As I was taking that photo, there was a sudden commotion from the crows – they were mobbing another bird which was flying almost directly overhead! It was moving too fast for a closer photo, but the wings had a light brown colouring when the sunlight caught it.


The crows were definitely keen on getting the bird of prey to move out of the area – I’ve never seen a crow in this kind of attacking pose before!

Dragon Goes Wild - 10th October - Crows


Another Bird of Prey

I always wonder how birds manage to fly so easily when there’s a strong breeze, and today was no exception! I spotted a bird of prey circling and took a few photos, but it was so far away and moving so quickly, you couldn’t identify the type of bird.

An hour or two later, I spotted another bird, or maybe the same one, and got lucky with the sunlight lighting up the detail on its feathers just as I took the photo.

Dragon Goes Wild - 6th October - Bird of Prey

Originally I thought it was a Buzzard, but this clearly isn’t – a Buzzard has a lighter patch on the underside of its wings, whereas this one has dark-edged individual feathers. Looking at the RSPB site, I’m pretty sure this is a Sparrowhawk.


Duck! ….No, Pigeons

There must have been at least 30 pigeons sitting on the grass, and I thought it’d make a great action shot. The pigeons however, had other ideas, content to sit eating while I took photos of them. As I went to walk away, they suddenly all took off, flying over my head to a nearby roof, which lead to some interesting photos!

Dragon Goes Wild - 5th October - Pigeons

I didn’t actually use the camera screen to line up the photo – there wasn’t time! I just aimed in the vague direction, and kept taking photos until they’d all flown over.

Dragon Goes Wild - 5th October - Pigeons

Using my camera’s ‘sports mode’ was obviously a good choice – the photo shows every bird mid flight, with no blurry wings!