Month: December 2016

  • Sunset Moon

    Taken just a few moments after yesterday’s photo, I love the colour of the sky in this photo – the reflected sunset gives it a purpley hue, which seemed to tone down the brightness of the moon. #30dayswild

  • Contrasting moon

    I always find it strange to see the moon in the sky before it’s dark, especially when it coincides with a reflected sunset! The sky was a really deep pinky red, and the moon seemed a complete contrast, glowing so brightly. #30dayswild

  • What a Glow!

    My camera sometimes struggles to capture the intensity of the red sunset glow, but these clouds came out perfectly. It’s actually looking to the north, but the sunset glow wasn’t actually visible to the west at all! #30dayswild

  • Wispy Clouds

    Another photo from last month, we had a run of several days with some very photogenic clouds, and this was a particularly unusual looking one. The rest of the sky was clear, but these clouds just drew a wispy line parallel to the horizon. #30dayswild

  • Misty Morning (again)

    Diving back in time to last month again, this morning photo looked so atmospheric, I had to add it to my blog. The mist gives an autumnal feel, but the glowing clouds look like they’ve been painted on the sky. #30dayswild

  • Startling Sunset

    Back to last week for this photo – when I lined up my phone to take this shot, my walking companion said “you aren’t going to take a photo, are you? It’ll be far too bright and never come out.” Well just to prove I did know what I was doing, I used my trick of getting the camera […]

  • Sunrise

    Going back to last month for this photo – and for once, I was awake early enough to catch a great morning sky! #30dayswild

  • Supermoon…. or a Mini Cheddar cheese?

    Another photo from yesterday’s ‘supermoon’ today – taken just a few moments after the first one, but the colours look totally different. #30dayswild

  • Another month, another supermoon

    The final “supermoon” of 2016, and a good job I took the photo when I did, as 10 minutes later the clouds have obscured the moon completely. #30dayswild