Month: January 2017

  • Goldfinches in flight

    200 photos later, and I have a few with the Goldfinches mid-flight! The photos came out darker than I’d planned, but I’m just pleased to have taken some photos where the birds are actually visible, and not a blurred ghosted image! #30dayswild

  • Venus

    The skies are surprisingly clear, giving a great view of Venus through the trees. Even more surprising, this photo was taken on my phone rather than my camera! #30dayswild

  • Early Morning Sunlight

    Well, not really “early” morning for most people, but it’s certainly morning sunlight! The contrail from the plane even looks like it’s glowing. #30dayswild

  • Morning Goldfinch

    The Goldfinches are proving to be regular visitors to a few seed feeders in the neighbourhood, but this one was quite happy to perch in the trees and just watch the others fighting over the seeds. #30dayswild

  • Christmas Cactus

    The Christmas Cactus flowers are much more flamboyant than the Easter Cactus flowers – the only disadvantage is the amount of pollen that falls onto the shelf once the flowers go over! #30dayswild

  • Another Sunset