Monthly Archives: March 2017

Another visitor to the bird bath

Last year we spotted a Coal Tit in the garden multiple times over the course of Spring and Summer, and this spring has seen the return of this small bird. The RSPB say it’s a regular visitor to peanut feeders, but in our garden it likes to sit in the ornamental quince tree, and have a dip in the bird bath every now and then.


A Trio of Buzzards

We could hear them before we spotted them in the almost cloudless blue sky – two Buzzards, closely followed by a third!

This one looks paler than the others I’ve taken photos of before – not sure if that’s down to the season, or if it’s just a paler variant.

This has to be my favourite of the photos – I’ve not got such a clear photo from that distance previously, but I also haven’t ever seen a Buzzard from that angle before now!


Another Red Kite

It’s been really blustery today, so all the birds seem to be taking advantage of the wind, flying much faster than normal. However, that also seems to encourage the birds of prey to be a bit more active (or maybe I’m just getting better at spotting them?), so it’s always worth getting the camera out just in case.

And to prove it was worthwhile, the Red Kite made another appearance! Unfortunately the local seagull population seems intent on trying to chase it off.


Bird Song

Walking along a busy road, we could hear a very tuneful bird song, but there was no bird in sight. After spending a while staring at one tree, we realised it was actually in the tree next to it, and as I took a photo, the bird moved to the top branches so I could get a better view!

My walking companion insisted it was a Redwing, a relative said it must be a Fieldfare, and I was confident it was a Thrush, so I asked a local birding group for an identification…. and it’s a Song Thrush.

It seemed perfectly at ease in the tree, ignoring the sound of traffic and distant sirens from the main road.