It’s June – you know what that means?

….yes that’s right, it’s time for #30dayswild again! This year my aim is to be wild every day in June, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get outside every day. After all, not everyone can actually get out of the house every day, so I want to prove that you can be wild while staying indoors too!

I just hope the birds co-operate and visit the garden, otherwise my plan might not go as smoothly as I hope.

So let’s kick off the month with a houseplant. Well strictly speaking it isn’t actually a houseplant, but at the moment it’s living on the bedroom windowsill, so I’m calling it a houseplant!

It’s a geranium and I’m sure it has a fancy Latin name as well, but I just call it the Raspberry Ripple plant – those petals just make me think of raspberry ripple ice cream.


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