Monthly Archives: July 2017

Trainee Blue Tit

It’s not just yesterday’s young blackbirds that are getting the hang of getting their own food – the young Blue Tits are also making an appearance.

This one was so intent on eating the blackfly, that he ended up hanging by his feet from the leaf! Not the most elegant of angles to eat from, but it seemed to be successful.


A Tribe of Blackbirds

You might spot one young Blackbird in the garden, and very rarely two at the same time, but this morning we spotted three youngsters in the garden together! Judging by the amount of moss being thrown off the roof, we’re assuming that at least one of the adult Blackbirds was sitting on the roof, trying to find some food for them.

Having attempted to eat the Berberis berries (a known delicacy for blackbirds), the youngsters then decided to try out the bathing facilities….


The bird bath isn’t quite large enough for three youngsters to get in together, so the third one came along afterwards for a solo wash!


Radish Flowers

My radish experiment failed spectacularly – the only radish plant to grow, has flowered and has not produced a radish! I hadn’t expected the flowers to look quite so pretty though.

The flowers didn’t last long before starting to fade, but it’s slightly made up for the lack of radishes from those seeds!