Monthly Archives: April 2018

An Epic Thunderstorm

I admit I really like watching lightning, providing it’s not too close, and have been wanting to try getting some better lightning photos for years! This evening we had a fantastic thunderstorm, where the lightning streaked across the sky for ages, so that meant I had plenty of opportunities to get some photos!

These were all taken from indoors, through a window – you can see some of the raindrops on the glass, but that just adds to the feel of the photo.


All of these were taken on a rapid-fire setting, with a short(ish) shutter speed, and there were about 350 shots with no lightning in at all! Whenever we get another thunderstorm, I’m going to try putting the camera on a tripod and using a slower shutter speed to hopefully capture more of the lightning in each photo.


The call of the Buzzard(s)

Hearing the distinctive call of the Buzzard, I expected to spot one or maybe two birds…. I hadn’t expected to see five Buzzards all circling overhead!

They were a bit high up to get a really clear photo, but zooming in on the pictures, it’s definitely 4 regular coloured Buzzards, and one which seems to have paler wings (top right in the second photo).