Month: April 2018

  • Mission Impossible?

    I know that squirrels like to take nuts from peanut feeders, but this one seems attracted to the seed feeder for some reason.   I’m not sure if it was able to get any seed out from the feeder, but the finches in the background don’t look too impressed! #staywild

  • An Epic Thunderstorm

    I admit I really like watching lightning, providing it’s not too close, and have been wanting to try getting some better lightning photos for years! This evening we had a fantastic thunderstorm, where the lightning streaked across the sky for ages, so that meant I had plenty of opportunities to get some photos! These were all […]

  • The call of the Buzzard(s)

    Hearing the distinctive call of the Buzzard, I expected to spot one or maybe two birds…. I hadn’t expected to see five Buzzards all circling overhead! They were a bit high up to get a really clear photo, but zooming in on the pictures, it’s definitely 4 regular coloured Buzzards, and one which seems to have […]

  • Bathing Robin

    Not to be outdone by the Blackbird, the Robin came for a bath today – I didn’t think it was possible, but the Robin splashed more water out of the bath than the Blackbird did!     #staywild

  • A simple cloudscape

    Just a simple cloudscape today, but it’s one of those clouds I haven’t been able to identify other than it being “photogenic”! #staywild

  • Leaving the seedheads

    We’d planned to cut back the seedheads from the plants this week, but the Goldfinches were still tucking into them – I guess we’ll leave the plants a bit longer yet! #staywild

  • Another day, another bathing blackbird

    I think this is the same female Blackbird, as she sits in the bath like it’s a nest, before splashing the water everywhere   #staywild

  • Huge bird flying over

    It wasn’t the sight I expected when I looked out of the window this morning – I saw what I thought was a seagull and a smaller bird in the distance. What it turned out to be, was a Heron and a seagull even further in the distance than I’d first thought! #staywild