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All my blog posts for The Wildlife Trusts’ #30dayswild – do something wild every day in June 2016. I’ve now extended that to try and #StayWild for 365 days wild as well!

More snow?!

We had more snow overnight, and although it stopped during the morning, the forecast was for snow from about lunchtime.

Instead of steps in the garden, it looks like we have a very steep slope heading up to the grass!

More finches and blackbirds have been flocking to the nearby feeders again – there was some food scattered on the ground, plus the seeds that have been knocked out of the feeders by the pigeons.


“Blackbirds don’t visit bird tables or seed feeders”…. unless it’s very, very, very cold (-1C today, but it’s meant to feel like -7C with the windchill).


I’m not sure how much seed he managed to get out, but at least one Blackbird spotted the walnut cake that was in the garden and decided that made a tastier (and easier) meal.

The snow might have been unexpected for the wildlife, but it did make some unusual patterns on the rooftops as it was blown about in the high winds.


Happy Meteorological Spring!

Today is the start of Meteorological Spring…. so of course we have some perfectly spring-like weather here today. Yes, that’s right, it was snowing most of the day!

The strong winds blew the snow off the road at this point, even creating a mini snow drift on the junction.

Ignore the reflection of the street light (I wasn’t going to open the window to take the photo without looking through the glass!), but this was the snow this evening.

The birds have been flocking to the feeders, so hopefully they are tucked up somewhere warm and dry for the night!


It’s snowing!

It’s been a few years since we had some decent snow to try taking photos of, so I couldn’t resist trying out some photos today.

I did attempt to focus the camera on the snow itself – that was a lot more challenging than I’d anticipated!

In the end I went for a general view, with plenty of snow falling across it. It makes you feel chilly just looking at it!


Since when do Pigeons eat berries?

Normally you’d expect to see blackbirds eating the berries, but this morning there were two pigeons tucking in! The berries must be a great delicacy though, as the branches aren’t really that easy for such a large bird to sit on and they looked somewhat uncomfortable.

Obviously that particular branch was now cleared of berries, as he launched himself onto the next branch across.

Then instead of sitting lower down where the berries were easier to reach, he headed straight for the very top, swaying about in the breeze.


Stunning Sunset and Cawing Crows

This particular location tends to be a good place to spot some fantastic sunsets. There were no real reddy hues, but the sunset was a bright yellowy gold instead.

I could hear the crows flying over, and had a feeling they were heading to their favourite trees. Most of them were already perched on a branch when I got there, but suddenly they all started cawing and took off, apparently bickering over which crow got to perch on which branch!