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These are my reviews for Lush natural products – all views are my own
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Luxury Lush Pud

Ok, I know it’s not exactly seasonal, but I used my Luxury Lush Pud this week, and had to blog about it!

As you drop it into the bath, it starts fizzing immediately – the aroma of Tonka and Lavender (which incidentally is shared with Twilight) makes for a very relaxing bath, while not being overpowering.

Dragon Does Lush Review - Luxury Lush Pud

I’m not a fan of ‘girly pink’ but I will admit the bath water turned a pleasant pink shade once the bath bomb had dissolved – the coloured discs and holly decoration on the top took a little longer to dissolve fully.

There’s no popping candy in the bath bomb, so the ‘display’ relies entirely on the scent and the colour – it’s definitely one I will be buying again, if it returns in the Christmas range this year. But if it doesn’t, then there’s always Twilight!

Dragon Does Lush Review - Luxury Lush Pud

The Sacred Truth fresh face mask

Did you know that if you take in 5 empty (and clean!) full-size black Lush pots into a Lush store, you can exchange them for a free fresh face mask? Yes, you read that right – free! Considering that the fresh face masks usually cost £6.75, that’s a very generous gift just for taking back the black pots so Lush can reuse them.

I didn’t know which one to pick, so I searched through the website and stumbled upon The Sacred Truth (currently unavailable). Containing a selection of ingredients that sound like they shouldn’t really work together, such as Soya Yoghurt,  Organic Ginseng Root Powder, Fresh Papaya and Organic Evening Primrose Oil, it does have a peculiar scent which I found hard to identify. All I can say it is smells nothing like papaya, and I couldn’t smell any honey in there either. 

Needing to be kept in the fridge, this fresh face mask is nicely soothing when smoothed over the skin. It didn’t dry on my skin like Mask of Magnaminty, which meant it was a lot easier to rinse off. Despite the scent being rather strong in the pot, my skin didn’t retain the smell of the mask after I’d rinsed it off.

Rather than subjecting my eczema-prone hands to this particular mask, I used it on my face to try and sooth my skin. I don’t normally use face masks, but this one worked surprisingly well – my skin approved of the mask, and looked a lot nicer afterwards.

Personally I wouldn’t choose to spend out £6.75 on a face mask, but if only this mask was still currently available, I would definitely be getting another once I have 5 more empty containers!

Lush Review - the Sacred Truth

Baked Alaska Soap

Another soap from the Christmas 2015 range, Baked Alaska was particularly eyecatching cut open in the store, with its frosted white exterior hiding a vibrant multicoloured interior.

Baked Alaska has a very strong lemony aroma, which is suitably refreshing to use as a bath soap – I think it would be a bit too overpowering as a hand soap, unless you wanted to lose the smell of onions or something similar from your skin!

It lathers up easily and although the soap itself has a very strong aroma, which intensifies when used in a hot steamy bath, the lemon scent doesn’t linger on your skin like a perfume, which is a welcome surprise.

Lush Review - Baked Alaska Soap

I purchased my block of Baked Alaska soap in the Boxing Day sale, but I’m hoping it will return for 2016.

Honey I Washed My Hair (original version)

Honey I Washed My Hair might not be the most creative name in the world, but the shampoo bar is fantastic! I was a little concerned that the honey might be inclined to make my hair greasy, but it doesn’t have that effect.

Smelling strongly of toffee and fudge, it’s a little more intense in aroma than Yog Nog, but it doesn’t linger in that strength on my hair, so you don’t get wafts of toffee fudge scent during the day.

Lush review - Honey I Washed My Hair

Priced at £5.95 like the other shampoo bars, it claims to last 60-80 washes. I can’t say my bar lasted 80 washes, but that was probably due to it falling in the bath water a couple of times, which no doubt increased the speed that the bar shrank! I did find it value for money though, given how many containers of my previous shampoo I’d have been likely to use in that time. It’s also easy to use just the right amount, so you aren’t left rinsing excess shampoo from your hair for ages.

Since I purchased this bar, a newer version has been released, which on first glance just looks like a newer appearance rather than a reformulation. As yet I haven’t tried the new bar, but once my current bar runs out, I might well do.

Yog Nog Soap

Before I start, I will just point out that Yog Nog is a seasonal soap, and is currently not available for sale. However, it has been in the Christmas range for at least the last 2 years, and I hope it’ll be there for years to come too!

Yog Nog is a pretty strange name for a soap, but at least it’s one of the easier to pronounce names, unlike Ceridwen’s Cauldron! Yog Nog has a very treacly, almost fudge-like aroma which is a little sweeter than Honey I Washed my Hair. It’s not overpowering though, so you don’t feel you’ve washed with a block of fudge rather than soap!

Lush Review - Yog Nog Soap

The soap lathers up really well, and does leave my skin feeling clean, unlike some soaps which leave a kind of annoying sticky residue. I bought a 200g block in the Boxing Day sale last year, which I’m hoping will last me through part of the summer (I’m alternating that and Woosh shower jelly to make the soap last longer!), then I’ll be ready to buy another block when the Christmas 2016 range is released.

Lush Kitchen Facebook Contest

In the week of Good Friday, Lush Kitchen held a contest on their Facebook page – whoever spotted the What Came First? bath bomb that was hiding in the photos, and posted first, got a prize. Much to my amazement, I was one of the lucky prize winners, and my package arrived this morning!

The postman commented on how nice the box smelt – apparently he was enjoying carrying the box on his route, as he loved the smell so much.

I’ve never ordered from the Lush Kitchen before, so it’s interesting to see how they package their items compared to the regular online Lush store:



Each of the three items came with a photo of the person who made it – a nice personal touch, so you feel it was made just for you!


Unwrapping each item, I was amazed to see it was three items (I thought it’d just be a single one), but also three items I’ve never tried before, so it should result in some interesting baths.

Cupid's Love Soap - Lush Review

Cupid’s Love Soap

Roller Bath Bomb - Lush Review

Roller Bath Bomb

Heart Throb Bubbleroon - Lush Review

Heart Throb Bubbleroon

Of course I will be adding individual reviews of these when I’ve tried them out, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

New Shampoo Bar

Not one of the most original names that Lush could have thought of, New is quite a strong smelling shampoo bar. Whenever Lush use cinnamon in a product, it always seems to smell different than the ground cinnamon I get from the supermarket, and New is no exception to that.

It has a particularly spicy aroma which intensified as I lathered it onto my hair. It lathered up surprisingly easily – in fact I would say only Honey I Washed my Hair was easier to lather – and the bar didn’t take long to dry out afterwards either.

Lush New Shampoo Bar

The scent does linger afterwards, but it’s not unpleasantly strong; more of a hint of aroma as your hair moves, rather than feeling it’s a strong perfume you’ve applied.

Apparently, it’s designed to stimulate hair growth – we’ll see if it has any effect on the speed my hair is growing!

Priced at £5.95 like the other shampoo bars of the same design, it should last between 60 and 80 washes, so it’s much better value than the liquid shampoo I was using previously…. and the bar has many more natural products in it as well.

Despite the strong initial aroma, I think this is a bar I would buy again – it seems to agree with my hair, and lathers up better than I’d anticipated.

Trichomania shampoo bar

Having tried many of the shampoo bars, I was drawn to the coconut aroma of the Trichomania shampoo bar, although the appearance of the small block wasn’t anywhere near as good as the coconut ice inspired block it was cut from.

Lush Trichomania shampoo bar review

Many people have said this lathers up really easily, but I found it hard to get the lather started. I think this could be down to the level of hard water we have (it’s “very hard”, so right up the top end of the scale), which means you tend to need to use more of a product before you get a lather / bubbles.

Once I did manage to get the bar to lather, it was quite easy to rub into my hair, and left it feeling clean as I would expect from a shampoo. The coconut aroma didn’t linger on my hair once I’d rinsed it, but that isn’t a negative for me; I don’t like getting a whiff of shampoo at random points during the day!

At £5.95 it’s on a par with the price of the smaller shampoo bars, and  considering the bar dried out well after use, I think I should be able to get a nice number uses from it.

Holly Golightly bubble bar

After my disappointment at Peeping Santa, I decided to pick one of the other Christmas bubble bars to try. I’m not really a huge fan of glitter, but Holly Golightly looked nicely Christmassy and I took the plunge.

Lush Holly Golightly Review

Like Peeping Santa, this is a pretty firm bubble bar, which really doesn’t want to be broken up! Eventually breaking through the silver glittery exterior, reveals a Christmas-tree-coloured centre, which was a surprise given the silver on the outside.

This is quite a strong scented spicy bubble bar, so I didn’t use much at all – the aroma softened in the water, making it strong enough to be able to identify, without being so strong that it made me sneeze. Holly Golightly is pretty generous with the bubbles too, even from using such a small piece, which should mean this £4.95 bubble bar will last for a nice number of baths, making it very good value for money when compared to the one-use Christmas bath bombs.

Lush Holly Golightly Review

I’m not sure I would get another of these this season, but that’s mainly down to the number of baths I should be able to get from this one! It is a bubble bar I would recommend, especially if you like the spicy aromas that tend to be synonymous with Christmas 🙂

Peeping Santa

The first thing that struck me about Peeping Santa was the cute appearance of it – shaped like a bubbleroon, but with a Santa hat and eyes.I had high hopes for this little bubble bar.

Lush Peeping Santa Review

It’s not the easiest of bubble bars to break apart – rather than using the entire base in one go, I prefer to use smaller pieces to make it last longer, and that proved challenging to get a smallish piece to separate!

Even though I only used a small piece, there were plenty of bubbles – I have a feeling that if I’d used the entire base, the bubbles would have been flowing over the edge of the bathtub!

The creamy-coloured centre of the bubble bar is shea butter, which should be a nice way of hydrating my skin while taking a bath. However for me, the aroma of this particular bubble bar was a let down. Rather than being scented of orange (like Dashing Santa), or cinnamon and spices (like Holly Golightly), this particular bubble bar smells of strawberries. Yes, you read that right, this very obviously Christmas bubble bar, smells of that spring / summer fruit, strawberries.

I’m not too sure why Lush thought of strawberries for a Christmas product, but it’s not the first scent that comes to my mind for this time of year. So, it’s not a product I’ll be purchasing again, and I’ll be hoping that next year Lush might have a more wintry scent on a cute bubble bar instead!