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Watching the birds

I looked out of the window initially, to try and spot the small birds I could hear. I managed to catch sight of one in a nearby tree.

But then I noticed a larger bird arrive, and head straight for the seed feeder. I know that pigeons have tried knocking the feeder sideways in the hope that it will spill some seeds onto the ground that they can then eat, but I’ve never seen a Jay try to eat from the feeder before!


There are definitely two Jays living nearby as I’ve seen them both in the trees, but as I was watching this bird, another flew down onto the grass.

….closely followed by a third

Giving up with the seed feeder, then they flew over to some more open grass, where they started fighting over who would get to eat the leaves (I get the idea these three were young Jays!)

At this point, a fourth Jay joined them, but it wasn’t long before they realised that the leaves weren’t all that tasty and they retreated to the trees again.


Ever tried taking a photo of a fast moving small bird?

If there’s one disadvantage of trying to take a photo of those rapidly moving small birds, it’s how swiftly they fly! After multiple photos of just a clear blue sky where it had flown out of the shot, and others that were just a blur as it changed direction as I took the photo, I got lucky.

It’s not the clearest, but so far it’s the best photo I’ve managed to take…. although I’ve still not been able to identify the bird!


A Charm of Goldfinches

I’ve noticed a couple of small birds flying around recently, but they never seem to sit still enough to be able to identify them! However, after they flew off the roof and zoomed past the window, they landed on the seed feeder in a nearby tree.


Undeterred by the pigeon landing on the grass nearby (I guess the pigeon wanted to scoop up any seeds they’d dropped), they spent several minutes taking as many seeds as they could.


I’m sure these two Goldfinches are the birds I’ve been spotting flying past the window the last few days – they can blend into the trees remarkably easily when they land. Not content with just sampling the seeds from that particular feeder, I spotted them on a different feeder a while later, until a crow landed on the garden fence, which made them fly off.

They also like to take the seeds from teasel plants, which will be a good excuse to grow another teasel on my allotment. Surprisingly, we don’t have a problem with birds taking the fruit from the allotment, although we do have some local Roe Deer that like to nibble their way through most of the things we grow (strawberries and runner bean plants are a particular favourite of theirs).