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  • It’s Bath Time Again


  • Another day, another bathing blackbird

    I think this is the same female Blackbird, as she sits in the bath like it’s a nest, before splashing the water everywhere   #staywild

  • You can tell it’s Spring when….

    ….the birds are queuing for a bath – this female Blackbird was having a lovely time! To start with, she sat in the bird bath like it was a nest, before starting to splash the water over her back.   #staywild

  • Blurry Blackbird

    I still can’t figure out the right settings on my camera to get a faster shutter speed – the water droplets are nice and clear, but the bathing blackbird is still a blur! #30dayswild

  • Soggy Blackbirds

    You’d think the weather was a little cold for outdoor bathing, but the blackbird took advantage of the bird bath being full to the brim! #30dayswild

  • Hunting for worms

    Either this Blackbird was very comfortable around humans, or just particularly hungry. He was carrying what looked like a worm in his beak, but still kept on rummaging around in the grass verge. As we walked past, he flew into a nearby hedgerow, but returned to the grass verge once we’d passed. I’m guessing he had youngsters to…

  • Blackbirds – again!

    This particular blackbird has been a regular visitor to the garden – she’s not after the berries in the Berberis (I think all the berries have been eaten already!), but comes to gather up some food we’ve put out, then take it away for her youngsters to share. It’s certainly keeping us busy, making sure…

  • Punkrocker Blackbird?

    Ok, so that’s a bit of a strange title for a blog post, but you’ll see what I mean when you get as far as the photos. The blackbirds have decided to take up residence in the garden – whether they’re sitting in the ornamental Quince tree, taking a bath, or eating yet more of…

  • Sunbathing Blackbird

    The blackbird is back for more! Not content with letting the sunbathing crows take all the attention, he sat on the grass and started to sunbathe. It’s a strange sight, especially when they always sit with their beak wide open. Unusually for a sunbathing blackbird, he kept moving around – maybe he wanted to get the sunlight…

  • Blackbirds and Berries

    The blackbird that featured in my previous post is back for more! Obviously those Berberis berries are just too tasty to resist. Normally when a berry has dropped from the tree, the birds ignore it but this blackbird had other ideas! He found a lone berry under the leaves and managed to pick it up neatly by…