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Red Admiral

Not the most obvious places to spot a Red Admiral, but this particular butterfly seemed quite content to rest on the back of the planter. I’ve not seen many of these butterflies about, so it was surprising to spot one literally just outside the front door!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 72 - Red AdmiralDragon Goes Wild - Day 72 - Red Admiral

According to UK Safari, Red Admirals love buddleia flowers, but also feed on windfall apples and plums. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of those about soon.


Butterfly Watching

Following on from yesterday, it’s not just the bees that are keen on the nectar from the Blackberry flowers – this butterfly spent quite a while on one particular flower.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 25 - Meadow Brown ButterflyDragon Goes Wild - Day 25 - Meadow Brown Butterfly

Looking through my butterfly book, I thought maybe this was a Meadow Brown Butterfly…. but none of the pictures in the book show three small spots on the underside of the wing. Maybe this is just a variation of a Meadow Brown, or maybe it’s a completely different butterfly!