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  • Multiple Magpies

    Not to be outdone by yesterday’s Crows, the local Magpies were making a row too! I’m still not quite fast enough to get a clear photo of them as they land but one did sit and ‘pose’ in the tree for a while. #30dayswild

  • Magpies

    There’s at least one Magpie family nearby, and they’ve taken a liking to particular trees. If you can’t see them, you can definitely hear them! #30dayswild

  • A Rattling of Magpies

    A Rattling of Magpies

    I could hear the magpies most of the day, but they remained out of sight. I know they like to sit on the rooftops and drink from the guttering – sometimes you can look out of the window and see a tail dangling down from the roof! It sounded like a lot of young magpies,…