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Since when do Pigeons eat berries?

Normally you’d expect to see blackbirds eating the berries, but this morning there were two pigeons tucking in! The berries must be a great delicacy though, as the branches aren’t really that easy for such a large bird to sit on and they looked somewhat uncomfortable.

Obviously that particular branch was now cleared of berries, as he launched himself onto the next branch across.

Then instead of sitting lower down where the berries were easier to reach, he headed straight for the very top, swaying about in the breeze.


A Surprisingly Pretty Pigeon

I will admit that I normally just pass by the pigeons in the city centre, but this one’s markings caught my eye, so I had to stop and take a couple of photos.

According to the RSPB, feral pigeons are the descendants of the Rock Dove, and can be almost any shade ranging from white with chequered markings, to more of a blue black colouring.

It’s made me wonder if there are more unusual coloured pigeons in the city centre now – I might just have to stop and look again, and see if I can spot any others!