Tag: Seeds

  • Goldfinches

    I know some people will look for any excuse to not remove the seed heads from a plant, but the sight of some Goldfinches happily raiding the plant for the seeds is a valid reason for me!   #staywild

  • Goldfinch Party

    While the sparrows were fighting over the bird bath, the Goldfinch decided to make the most of the seed feeder. These seeds weren’t the success were were lead to believe they would be – it seems that the Goldfinches don’t really think of them as such a treat after all. This bird made them seem so…

  • Seed heads

    I spotted these seeds in a wild verge, and couldn’t resist taking a photo of them against the cloudy sky. No birds were near them when we walked past, but I can imagine the entire verge is full of birds at times! #30dayswild