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Goldfinch on the web?

I’ll be honest with you – today hasn’t been the most positive of days. So not feeling that I wanted to get outside for my something wild today, I stood by the window and watched the birds. One in particular caught my eye, sitting on a nearby piece of guttering. Normally you’d see Magpies leaning into the guttering to drink the water, but this little Goldfinch seemed to be after something to eat.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 15 - Goldfinch on the web

The spider webs across the guttering have caught some seeds as well as the usual flies, and this finch seemed intent on plucking the seeds.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 15 - Goldfinch on the web

I’m amazed at how strong the web actually is – that little bird was tugging with some force to get the seeds out, but most of the web remains intact.