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An Epic Thunderstorm

I admit I really like watching lightning, providing it’s not too close, and have been wanting to try getting some better lightning photos for years! This evening we had a fantastic thunderstorm, where the lightning streaked across the sky for ages, so that meant I had plenty of opportunities to get some photos!

These were all taken from indoors, through a window – you can see some of the raindrops on the glass, but that just adds to the feel of the photo.


All of these were taken on a rapid-fire setting, with a short(ish) shutter speed, and there were about 350 shots with no lightning in at all! Whenever we get another thunderstorm, I’m going to try putting the camera on a tripod and using a slower shutter speed to hopefully capture more of the lightning in each photo.


Rumbling around

Following the radar images on Metcheck.com, I could tell the rain was heading this way, but I hadn’t anticipated quite so much thunder to go with it! The rain was heading from the south, but this was the view to the north-east before the rain arrived.

Dragon Goes Wild - 13th September  - Thunderstorm

I still haven’t managed to get my timing right to take a photo of lightning, but I did get lucky with a video, and was able to take a still from that…. it does look really weird, with the glow from the lightning above the main cloud.

Dragon Goes Wild - 13th September  - Thunderstorm

After the storm passed by, it was like a different day’s weather entirely – there was a really clear halo around the sun as it seemed to break through the clouds.

Dragon Goes Wild - 13th September  - Thunderstorm


Thunderstorms and Funnel Cloud?

As you’ve probably realised by now, I enjoy taking photos of cloudscapes – so when I heard some rumbles of thunder in the distance yesterday, I set up my camera at the window to see what I could spot.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 26 - Thunderstorm

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 26 - Thunderstorm

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 26 - Thunderstorm

While I was taking the photos for a potential animation showing the clouds coming over, I spotted a funnel cloud in the distance! This is the first funnel cloud I’ve ever seen….

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 26 - Funnel Cloud Dragon Goes Wild - Day 26 - Funnel Cloud

All in all, I think it was definitely a wild day for weather!


30 Days Wild – 30th April

Another cloudscape for today – this one was a particularly dark cloud that was heading from the north west. No sooner had we spotted the cloud, there was a very bright flash of lightning and an incredibly loud rumble of thunder.


The local nesting birds seemed to take it all in their stride, but we were completely confused by the thundersnow coming from this storm – we’d had hail in a previous storm, but this was definitely snow!

30th April - Thundersnow

The thunder rumbled on for quite a while, before the storm finally made its way south east, leaving us with eerily blue skies.