Dreamwash Roulade

I’d never used the previous incarnation of Dreamwash, but I was drawn towards the new Dreamwash Roulade display in the shop, and decided to buy a piece to try out.

Displayed as a large Swiss Roll style block, it’s cut into 100g chunks at the till. Mine was a little under 100g (more like 85g), but I was happy with that.

Lush Dreamwash Roulade Review

My first problem was where to store it – it was just wrapped in the paper bag and by the time I got home, it was starting to make the bag quite greasy. So I dug out an empty Helping Hands pot to store it in. Of course this meant I needed to cut the roulade to get it to fit (it’d need cutting to use a small piece anyway), and this is where my second problem occurred. It’s quite a creamy consistency, which is very nice, but a nightmare to cut! After getting most of it back off the knife, I finally had it stored in the pot and was looking forward to using it.

I’d seen a few reviews on other blogs where they claimed you didn’t need to use much at all to get a lather, so I took a small piece into the shower. Unfortunately my idea of “small” obviously didn’t match the other reviewers’ idea, as my marble-sized piece was only enough to wash one arm!

While it did produce a nice amount of creamy foam on my skin, I found it wasn’t quite enough to be able to use a body puff, and had to rub some more onto the puff to get any real effect. This meant I used rather a lot more than I had anticipated, and I don’t think this roulade would last as long as Whoosh. In fact this 85g block looks like it will last for a grand total of 6 baths….

This could be down to the “extra hard” water we have – certainly some products don’t bubble as easily in harder water.

On the positive side, I decided to use some Dreamwash roulade to wash my legs with, after using an epilator, as I find my legs end up rather red and splotchy afterwards. That seemed to work really well, and I only needed to use half the amount of cream in the evening to get splotch-free legs in the morning.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy the Roulade again – it was just too messy to use & store, and I didn’t feel it lasted across enough washes to justify purchasing it again. If Lush ever re-released the tub of Dreamwash though, I’d definitely buy one to test that out!

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