The sheer size of the Skydancer – Far from the Madding Guns bath bomb catches your attention, then the scent hits you around the head. Well, not literally, but it’s definitely a strong scent. In fact, I had this bath bomb in the paper bag it came in, then in a plastic freezer bag, then that was in two Lush paper carriers…. and the entire room still was smelling of this! In the end, I put the freezer bag into a clean ice cream tub with the lid on – that contained the scent until I was ready to use the bath bomb 😉

Lush Skydancer Review

Seeing as it is raising money to save the Hen Harriers, I overlooked the heady smell (apparently it’s meant to smell of liquorice, but it seemed like a very strong mixture of floral scents to me), and decided it was worth trying. Because it’s such a large bath bomb, I broke mine in half to use. This meant I also felt it was more affordable, at £1.98 per bath rather than £3.95!

Once in the water, the aroma softened. It still was noticeable, but not anywhere near as strong as in the bag, which was definitely a bonus. Watching it dissolve in the water, it looks utterly amazing – the bird appears to fly across the surface of the water, with a stream of blue coming from the wings, like contrails in the sky. Even after the bath bomb had fully dissolved, swooshing the water around released a little more of the aroma, which is something I’d felt was lacking when I tried Twilight before.

What I wasn’t impressed with, however, was the disgustingly lime green shade the water turned. For me, a nice shade of sky blue would have made more sense, given that the Hen Harriers fly in the sky…. but that aside, it was a nice bath bomb.

Lush Skydancer Review

Unfortunately for my hayfever, the scent lingered on my skin (and hair – even after washing it with Honey I Washed my Hair, then using Jungle conditioner, which usually masks any other scents) after my afternoon bath, which while saving the need to use any perfume, did mean that by the morning, my nose was suffering. This, combined with the really nasty shade of water, would mean I wouldn’t buy this one again.

But, if you don’t mind the alarmingly vibrant green water, and love a strong smelling bath though, then why not give it a try?

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