Granny Takes a Dip

I’d never used the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb, so when the new bubble bar appeared in store, I was keen to try it out. The first batch in the store had a very lime green colouring to the middle, but mine is a darker green which I prefer.

Lush Granny Takes a Dip Review

Granny Takes a Dip hasn’t got a particularly strong scent – in fact I could barely make out any aroma at all from mine. Maybe that’s just down to my nose not being particular receptive, or maybe this came from a batch that just had less perfume to it. It’s meant to be ginger, pepper and lemon scented, and once crumbled into the water, I was able to pick out the lemon in there although it’s not anywhere near as lemony as Refresher!

I’d seen several reviews that say the bubble bar turns the water a murky grey / brown, but I certainly didn’t have that trouble:

I used a small piece off the side of the bubble bar (part pink and part blue), and the water didn’t change colour at all. For me, that’s not a disadvantage – I don’t always like the water to take on a vibrant shade when I have a bath. There were mountains of bubbles, even just from that small piece, so if I’d used half of the bar in one go, the bubbles would’ve been flowing out of the bath!

Even after I’d used the shower jelly and washed my hair, there were some bubbles remaining – these seemed to last much longer than those from the Comforter.

Using a small piece each time, this bar should last for a long time, so it makes the £3.65 price really good value. It’s not necessarily one you would want to go for if you like your bath water to gain a really colourful hue, but if you like mountains of bubbles then it’s definitely worth trying 🙂

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