Lush Kitchen Facebook Contest

In the week of Good Friday, Lush Kitchen held a contest on their Facebook page – whoever spotted the What Came First? bath bomb that was hiding in the photos, and posted first, got a prize. Much to my amazement, I was one of the lucky prize winners, and my package arrived this morning!

The postman commented on how nice the box smelt – apparently he was enjoying carrying the box on his route, as he loved the smell so much.

I’ve never ordered from the Lush Kitchen before, so it’s interesting to see how they package their items compared to the regular online Lush store:



Each of the three items came with a photo of the person who made it – a nice personal touch, so you feel it was made just for you!


Unwrapping each item, I was amazed to see it was three items (I thought it’d just be a single one), but also three items I’ve never tried before, so it should result in some interesting baths.

Cupid's Love Soap - Lush Review
Cupid’s Love Soap
Roller Bath Bomb - Lush Review
Roller Bath Bomb
Heart Throb Bubbleroon - Lush Review
Heart Throb Bubbleroon

Of course I will be adding individual reviews of these when I’ve tried them out, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

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