A Quarrel of Sparrows

The House Sparrows are out in force at the moment – you merely need to walk past the shrubs and you can hear them all chirping! Spotting them isn’t the easiest of pastimes though, as they like to sit in the middle of the bushes.

These few, however, decided that the phone lines would be preferable to the trese – almost directly over the road, yet they seemed unfazed by any traffic, people or dogs passing by.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 22 - Sparrows

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 22 - Sparrows
After checking the images at the RSPB page on House Sparrows, I’m pretty sure the bird on the far left is an adult male, the one directly behind it is a juvenile, and the one at the top on the branch is an adult female.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 22 - Sparrows


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