Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp

The RSPB aren’t joking when they describe House Sparrows as “Noisy and gregarious [fond of company]” – a loud chirping made me look out of the window, where I could see one adult House Sparrow sitting in the Quince. This bird was chirping to what I’m guessing was a young sparrow sitting on the wall; just the one bird seemed to be doing all the chirping!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 14 - House Sparrow

Our garden seems to be popular with the local family of House Sparrows, and I was surprised to discover that they are actually on the RSPB red-status listing, due to their decline since the mid-1970s.

House Sparrows eat seeds and scraps, but we don’t actually have a seed feeder in the garden at the moment. What we do have, however, are lots of flowering plants that go to seed once the flowers have gone over. Rather than cutting the seed-heads off the plants, we leave them so the birds can munch on the seeds.


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  1. Lovely clear picture. I like old garden hedges. When you walk by at this time of year the hedge seems alive with birds singing & calling to each other like excited children. It’s such a pity that many hedges have been removed. A wooden fence doesn’t hold the same attraction to a sparrow!

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