Cutting the grass

Cutting the grass is one of those chores that few people enjoy, especially when the grass is on a steep slope in a prestigious area, visible to everyone who drives past. One group of residents resolved the need for cutting the grass opposite their crescent, by employing some more natural techniques to keep it looking tidy; they use a flock of sheep!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 11 - Sheep

The sheep slowly munch their way through the long grass, no doubt also providing a perfect location for their lambs to be raised. The older sheep were munching on the short grass, but the lambs were particularly taken with the longer tougher stalks.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 11 - Sheep

It’s certainly not a sight you would expect to see just a mile or so from a city centre, but it seems to do the trick. The council did try using pigs to clear some ground elsewhere, but they didn’t seem quite as successful; one lot of pigs escaped from the field and needed to be rounded up by a couple of policemen! Thankfully these sheep seem much better at staying in the correct area.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 11 - Sheep


2 responses to “Cutting the grass”

  1. I love the final photo of the little lamb with his black face. I imagine the sheep also help “fertilise” the ground too, putting back some goodness.

  2. It’s a shame the deer on the allotment don’t just eat the grass and leave the produce alone…!

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