Daisy chain

On my allotment, I’ve devoted one area to flowers; most of them are wild flowers from seed sown a year or two ago, but one in particular has taken a liking to that section, and grown larger than it ever has before.

The Ox-eye daisy flower looks just like a normal daisy you’d find in the lawn, but it’s considerably taller! My plant has started flopping over the path, so it’s been tied back slightly, just to support it and prevent anyone tripping on the stems.

Dragon Goes Wild - day 8 - Allotment

I spotted several flying insects on the flowers, but unfortunately as I got closer to try and photograph them to be able to identify what they were, they flew off! But, I know that they like the pollen so it was definitely a good choice to grow on the allotment.

Dragon Goes Wild - day 8 - Ox Eye Daisy


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