Gone Wild

There’s a lot of grassy areas nearby, which are maintained by the local council. In the last two years, some of the areas have been designated “wild” with the grass only being cut twice a year.

Some of the “wild” areas seem to change shape each time the surrounding grass is cut, which I doubt will encourage any truly wild flowers to grow. One area, however, has only been left wild since the Spring and already looks to be a success with the local Blackbirds; they were busy rummaging around for food under the long grass.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 19 - Wild areas
One of the intentional “wild” areas – more grass has been cut than this time last year though

Personally, I’d like the council to sprinkle some wild flower seeds in those wild areas – it’d give more flowers for the wildlife to eat, and also look more intentional than just looking like they forgot to cut the grass!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 19 - Wild areas
Apparently unintentionally “wild” – normally the grass around the mature trees & young apple trees is cut short


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