Second day of wildness

You wouldn’t believe yesterday had been so cold and wet, when your see today’s bright sunny weather. And as luck would have it, the blue skies gave some perfect Buzzard-spotting opportunities!

The last few birds I’ve spotted circling high in the sky, have been seagulls, so I was pleased to spot the local Buzzard circling this afternoon. I can’t believe quite how high it manages to soar, while still appearing to be able to clearly spot any potential prey near ground level.

Buzzard montage

The seagulls didn’t seem to mind it circling – previously they’ve flown at it, to try and get the Buzzard to move away, but maybe they felt it was too high up to be any real worry.

I’d heard there were a pair of nesting Buzzards locally, so I did a little research through the RSPB website, and discovered that Buzzard eggs are laid in mid-April, with the chicks hatching after around 35 days. So, this Buzzard could well be an adult searching for food for its chicks.


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  1. You did well to get those pics! It would be good if the Red Kite could make a reappearance as well!! (or the eagle that escaped from the Bath & West Show…)

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