Wildflowers on the allotment

On my allotment, I’m allowed to use up to 25% of the space for flowering plants. I’ve not got anywhere near that much space devoted to non-edible flowers, but I do have a small flower section to entice the pollinating insects.

As well as the lavender plants, there’s a fennel and some mint growing near the compost bin – mainly to give a fresher aroma when you lift the lid from the bin! Two years ago, I sowed some wild flower seeds in amongst the other flowers,  and this year I’ve ended up with a fantastic meadow-like look to my floral area.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 51 - Mini Meadow

Despite the heat on the day I took these photos, there were plenty of flies, bees and butterflies about, all gathering up nectar from the plants.Dragon Goes Wild - Day 51 - Mini Meadow

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 51 - Mini Meadow

The lavender plants have quite woody stems, but with the way everything else has grown around them, you wouldn’t know they were woody.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 51 - Mini Meadow
I think this was possibly a plant I put in a few years ago  but this year it really seems to have taken off and grown like crazy!


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  1. Your pink plant is a penstemon. It’s not always hardy so you can thank the mild winter & damp start to summer for it surviving & flourishing! They do get quite big, but you can cut them down – not too sure when

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