Red Sun in the Morning….

Would that still count as Shepherd’s Warning? Sahara dust, plus smoke from Portugal’s and Northwestern Spain’s forest fires, combined with the atmospheric disturbance caused by ex-Hurricane Ophelia, to scatter light particles. That meant more of the red light spectrum was visible which gave the rather eerie red sky.
(explanation courtesy of Metcheck)

The sky had a weird yellowy sepia tint to it from about 8am, and this was the sun (yes that red blob is the sun, not the moon!) at about 10am.


It was obscured by cloud for a while after that, before reappearing in the afternoon.


But I think the best photos were from the point just before the smoky-particles and cloud started to clear….


After that point, the sun was too bright to be able to safely take a photo, but it looked more ‘normal’ by then anyway.


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