Lush – Lord of Misrule

The weather’s feeling suitably Autumnal, so what better addition to your bath, than a Lord of Misrule bath bomb?

One of those bath bombs which you hope will return each year, 
Lord of Misrule was so popular in my local Lush last year, that it sold out before the Christmas sale!

Lord of Misrule has a distinctive scent, which includes Patchouli oil. Now that’s something I’d never come across before this particular bath bomb, and is something which is pretty challenging to describe.

Lush describe it as having an “earthy” scent – I’d agree with that, although it’s no way near as intense and earthy as last year’s Under the Mountain soap.

‘Breaking the rules’ once more, I spent a while hacking my bath bomb into pieces. This one was definitely not designed to break apart easily, and took a lot of time and effort to get it to separate.

Although the outer layer of Lord of Misrule is green, the centre is a purple shade. If you used the entire thing in one go, it would lead to a spectacular display, but as I broke mine into pieces, I get a slightly different effect.

It may sound strange, but I’m not all that keen on having the scent lingering on my skin for ages after I’ve finished my bath. Because I didn’t use all the bath bomb, the scent hardly lingered at all, but for me that’s perfect. If I’d used more (or all of it), no doubt the scent would still be lingering as I’m typing this.

Halloween 2018
Lord of Misrule – £4.25


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