30 Days Wild – day four

A surprise spot for today – I’d heard a lot of chirping in the garden, so I looked out and spotted the adult Wren flying from the bird box over to the tree, then back to the box again. A little while later, I looked out again and saw what I’m assuming is a baby Wren, sitting in the tree as well.

When the Wrens nested in the bird box previously (six years ago), the fledglings all left the nest together, then the entire family flew off that evening.

This family seems to be doing things differently, as they appeared to head back into the box for the evening. So whether there are other young ones in the box still, or the adults are just a little more wary of their young needing to be fully competent at flying before they ‘move out’, I can’t be certain!

But at the moment, it looks like a nice success story from the nest box 🙂

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