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  • Aurora Borealis part 2

    A few too many photos to share on the first post, so here’s the second batch! As before, the Aurora Borealis was not visible by eye at the time I was taking these photos – apparently it did increase in intensity overnight, and was visible by eye further south, however I was asleep by that…

  • Aurora Borealis

    I don’t live in the north, so I’ve never seen the Aurora Borealis other than in photos or on tv. Each time I’ve known the Northern Lights have been at a high level, it’s either been cloudy or I still haven’t seen them. …until yesterday! The Aurora Borealis was not visible by eye at the…

  • An unusual Grasshopper

    Ok, it’s not the Grasshopper itself that’s unusual, but the location and view that I haven’t seen before. This Grasshopper decided to spend a while on the window. Initially I was concerned it was caught in the spider’s web, but much to the spider’s frustration, when the Grasshopper eventually moved off the window, it took…

  • Unusual Visitors to the bird box

    We’ve had a bird box on the back wall for years. Some years we’re lucky enough to get a couple of Wrens nesting in there, although last year some of the youngsters fell prey to a very bold Jay. The plan was to keep the nest box in place until after nesting season, then remove…

  • Squirrel Acrobatics

    I could see something in the top of a tree which I thought was either going to be a pigeon or a squirrel… luckily it was still there by the time I zoomed in on my camera! This grey squirrel was having a lovely time eating whatever was growing on that tree!

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  • 30 Days Wild – day four

    A surprise spot for today – I’d heard a lot of chirping in the garden, so I looked out and spotted the adult Wren flying from the bird box over to the tree, then back to the box again. A little while later, I looked out again and saw what I’m assuming is a baby…