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  • Handy Gururgu

    Handy Gururgu

    I spotted Handy Gurugu on the Lush website and was eager to try it out. One staff member told me that it probably wouldn’t be as good as Dream Cream for my skin, and on a separate shopping trip, a different staff member recommended it, so I came away with a small tester pot to…

  • Dream Cream

    Dream Cream

    I’ve been waiting a while to make this blog post, as I wanted to thoroughly test out this product first. After seeing reviews on the Lush website claiming that this “cured my eczema” I will admit I was dubious. I know nothing can “cure” eczema, but my previous experience with a cream from the chemist…

  • Lush Charity Pot

    Lush Charity Pot

    My skin can be terrible at times, the backs of my hands all red raw, then cracked split and bleeding. After an unfortunate experience with a recommended over-the-counter cream which made my skin feel like it was burning, I’ve been understandably wary of trying a new hand cream. I spotted the Charity Pot on the counter in my…