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The Sacred Truth fresh face mask

Did you know that if you take in 5 empty (and clean!) full-size black Lush pots into a Lush store, you can exchange them for a free fresh face mask? Yes, you read that right – free! Considering that the fresh face masks usually cost £6.75, that’s a very generous gift just for taking back the black pots so Lush can reuse them.

I didn’t know which one to pick, so I searched through the website and stumbled upon The Sacred Truth (currently unavailable). Containing a selection of ingredients that sound like they shouldn’t really work together, such as Soya Yoghurt,  Organic Ginseng Root Powder, Fresh Papaya and Organic Evening Primrose Oil, it does have a peculiar scent which I found hard to identify. All I can say it is smells nothing like papaya, and I couldn’t smell any honey in there either. 

Needing to be kept in the fridge, this fresh face mask is nicely soothing when smoothed over the skin. It didn’t dry on my skin like Mask of Magnaminty, which meant it was a lot easier to rinse off. Despite the scent being rather strong in the pot, my skin didn’t retain the smell of the mask after I’d rinsed it off.

Rather than subjecting my eczema-prone hands to this particular mask, I used it on my face to try and sooth my skin. I don’t normally use face masks, but this one worked surprisingly well – my skin approved of the mask, and looked a lot nicer afterwards.

Personally I wouldn’t choose to spend out £6.75 on a face mask, but if only this mask was still currently available, I would definitely be getting another once I have 5 more empty containers!

Lush Review - the Sacred Truth

Golden Handshake

Having used my free (free when you return 5 empty black pots to a Lush store) fresh masks on my hands rather than on my face, I was eager to try the new Golden Handshake hot hand mask (recently released into other stores, after being an Oxford Street special initially).

Lush Golden Handshake Review

It’s a tiny product, weighing just 20 grams, but I was assured in store that a little goes a long way, and I would end up with loads of mask from this. It’s not the most expensive, at £2.95; and seeing as it’s sold “naked”, just wrapped in a cardboard sleeve, it doesn’t have the “I can’t get the last bits from the bottom of the pot” problem that some of the fresh masks do. It also doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge!

The instructions state:

  1. Stand your hand mask stick upright in a bowl which is large enough to fit both hands comfortably. Add enough hot water to cover the product and stir, allowing the treatment to develop and thicken.
  2. Plunge your hands into the resulting dreamy, creamy lotion and soak for around 15 minutes (or until the doorbell rings)
  3. Alternatively, the melted treatment can be massaged into hands before rinsing off.

Despite the sample in store being made in a tooth mug shaped container, I decided to follow the package instructions…. unfortunately, these instructions leave a lot to be desired. Using a container that I could put both hands into at the same time, I poured boiling water over the product, and stirred. And stirred, stirred and stirred some more.

30 minutes later, I had the consistency of water with lumpy greasy pieces in….

Lush Golden Handshake Review

Obviously something was wrong! Some of the reviewers on the Lush site say they put the product in the microwave to melt it…. but I don’t have that option, so I emailed Lush head office to ask how much water they recommend I use.

The person at Lush looked at the photo of my mask, gave me some advice on how he makes up the mask, and very kindly offered to send me a replacement….

….the replacement arrived a few days later, so I made sure to find a more suitable shaped container to melt it in. I used a Stewart Sealfresh Screw Top Beaker (£1.95 – not an affiliate link), which turned out to be just the right height to screw the lid on, with the stick still in the pot.

Lush Golden Handshake Review

Using the new “instructions”, it should read something like this:

  1. Stand your hand mask stick upright in a mug-shaped container. Add enough hot water to cover the product and stir, allowing the treatment to develop and thicken.
  2. Transfer the resulting dreamy, creamy lotion into a container you can comfortably fit both hands into.
  3. Plunge your hands into the lotion and soak for around 15 minutes (or until the doorbell rings)
  4. Alternatively, the melted treatment can be massaged into hands before rinsing off.

I used probably just over 100ml of boiling water to cover the product (to start with I hadn’t added enough, as there was still a lump of it on the stick that wouldn’t melt!).

Lush Golden Handshake Review

I chose to massage this into my hands rather than trying to scoop it out and place it in yet another container. Using the wooden stick to spoon some onto my hands, I probably used about a fifth of what was in the pot (screwing the lid on tight, has meant that I’ve been able to use it over the last week without it going off).

Rinsing it off was challenging – just holding my hands under a running tap didn’t seem to work too well, so I used the shower to rinse it off my hands instead. I can’t honestly say my hands felt super smooth after using this, but then my hands are prone to eczema, and as a result they can get very dry and cracked anyway.

This may well be a product I will try again – maybe next time I’ll try transferring it into another container so I can soak my hands in it (or maybe even wrapping my hands in clingfilm might work to keep the product warm while it’s on my skin?).

Mask of Magnaminty

I wanted to treat my skin to something, and Mask of Magnaminty sounded like just the thing. It has quite a dark green colour, and a very strong but pleasant peppermint scent. It doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge, which is a bonus and has a “best used by” date of approximately three months, which is definitely useful if you purchase the large pot!

I’ve used this on my hands and wrists several times, to help shift flaking skin and it works very well. If my eczema is “grumbling” quite a bit, then it’s not the best thing to use as it does seem to irritate. Whether that’s from the exfoliating nature of the mask, or the fact that you leave it on your skin until the mask dries, I’m not sure, but if you’re uncertain, I would suggest maybe using it on a small patch of skin first just to check your skin is happy with it!

The large pot isn’t the easiest to get the mask out from, especially those bits left right at the bottom, but once you’ve scooped some out, it’s simple to spread it over your skin. Then just wait for 10 minutes, with the mint giving a lovely cooling feeling as it dries. I then run some warm water over the mask-covered skin just to ease it off before gently rubbing it…. if it’s not wet enough, it seems quite painful to rub it off (which no doubt says a lot about the quality of skin on my hands and wrists!).

At £9.75 for the large pot it’s not the cheapest of things, and I don’t think it’ll be something I’ll be purchasing again any time soon. However, if your skin can handle the effects of the mask drying, and its exfoliating nature, it could be worth a try.