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Lush – Jumping Juniper

Previously only available online, I discovered the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar in my local Lush store recently, and decided to give it a try. I’ve been using New! and Montalbano most frequently, but decided my hair deserved a change.

Made with a Rosemary and Lavender infusion plus Juniperberry oil, Jumping Juniper has a relaxing aroma, which I spoilt slightly by having used a Whoosh! shower jelly before washing my hair.

The shampoo bar lathers up easily, which is a real bonus for my long thick hair. Lush say that the Juniperberry oil in the shampoo bar works to give hair a deep clean, which I can definitely agree with – where some shampoos can either make my hair dry, or feel like it’s weighed down, this one actually made my horribly greasy hair feel perfectly clean, without being flyaway.

Previously, I was told in the store to expect a shampoo bar to last for between 40 and 60 washes. Personally I’ve never achieved that yet, but I think the thickness of my hair has something to do with that. When I get to the point where the shampoo bar breaks, one of my housemates with shorter hair usually calls dibs on tidying up the pieces!

Jumping Juniper – £7.50

Honey I Washed My Hair (original version)

Honey I Washed My Hair might not be the most creative name in the world, but the shampoo bar is fantastic! I was a little concerned that the honey might be inclined to make my hair greasy, but it doesn’t have that effect.

Smelling strongly of toffee and fudge, it’s a little more intense in aroma than Yog Nog, but it doesn’t linger in that strength on my hair, so you don’t get wafts of toffee fudge scent during the day.

Lush review - Honey I Washed My Hair

Priced at £5.95 like the other shampoo bars, it claims to last 60-80 washes. I can’t say my bar lasted 80 washes, but that was probably due to it falling in the bath water a couple of times, which no doubt increased the speed that the bar shrank! I did find it value for money though, given how many containers of my previous shampoo I’d have been likely to use in that time. It’s also easy to use just the right amount, so you aren’t left rinsing excess shampoo from your hair for ages.

Since I purchased this bar, a newer version has been released, which on first glance just looks like a newer appearance rather than a reformulation. As yet I haven’t tried the new bar, but once my current bar runs out, I might well do.

New Shampoo Bar

Not one of the most original names that Lush could have thought of, New is quite a strong smelling shampoo bar. Whenever Lush use cinnamon in a product, it always seems to smell different than the ground cinnamon I get from the supermarket, and New is no exception to that.

It has a particularly spicy aroma which intensified as I lathered it onto my hair. It lathered up surprisingly easily – in fact I would say only Honey I Washed my Hair was easier to lather – and the bar didn’t take long to dry out afterwards either.

Lush New Shampoo Bar

The scent does linger afterwards, but it’s not unpleasantly strong; more of a hint of aroma as your hair moves, rather than feeling it’s a strong perfume you’ve applied.

Apparently, it’s designed to stimulate hair growth – we’ll see if it has any effect on the speed my hair is growing!

Priced at £5.95 like the other shampoo bars of the same design, it should last between 60 and 80 washes, so it’s much better value than the liquid shampoo I was using previously…. and the bar has many more natural products in it as well.

Despite the strong initial aroma, I think this is a bar I would buy again – it seems to agree with my hair, and lathers up better than I’d anticipated.

Trichomania shampoo bar

Having tried many of the shampoo bars, I was drawn to the coconut aroma of the Trichomania shampoo bar, although the appearance of the small block wasn’t anywhere near as good as the coconut ice inspired block it was cut from.

Lush Trichomania shampoo bar review

Many people have said this lathers up really easily, but I found it hard to get the lather started. I think this could be down to the level of hard water we have (it’s “very hard”, so right up the top end of the scale), which means you tend to need to use more of a product before you get a lather / bubbles.

Once I did manage to get the bar to lather, it was quite easy to rub into my hair, and left it feeling clean as I would expect from a shampoo. The coconut aroma didn’t linger on my hair once I’d rinsed it, but that isn’t a negative for me; I don’t like getting a whiff of shampoo at random points during the day!

At £5.95 it’s on a par with the price of the smaller shampoo bars, and  considering the bar dried out well after use, I think I should be able to get a nice number uses from it.

Copperhead shampoo bar

Having purchased Copperhead for a friend’s birthday present, I was tempted to get one to try for myself. It’s recently become an online exclusive, but I was lucky enough to get one from the store before they sold out.

Lush Copperhead Review

At first glance, it’s a much drier format than shampoo bars like Montalbano or Honey I Washed my Hair, and it does seem to take a little longer to lather up. Rubbing the shampoo bar between my hands, a lot of small pieces came off (which I’m assuming are coffee). I did find this irritated my palms a little, although it didn’t affect my scalp.

Copperhead has henna included, and I was looking forward to seeing the effect on my blonde hair. Montalbano has enhanced my natural blonde, and even after one use, Copperhead has given my hair a slightly reddy shine. It’s nicely subtle, which is what I was hoping for.

Copperhead does seem to be a slightly drying shampoo – my scalp felt dry after the second use, so I would probably alternate this with another shampoo bar just to ensure my skin doesn’t get too dry. My hair, however, seems to have taken to this shampoo bar really well – after two uses, it’s looking great.

It’s a pity this is online only now, but as long as my hands don’t have too much of a problem when I use this, it might well be a shampoo bar I’ll buy again. Certainly if I can get 60 washes from it, that makes the £5.95 price tag seem really good value for money!


I don’t know about you, but whenever I use a liquid shampoo I always seem to use too much! It then takes forever to rinse out, or even worse, feels like it’s still stuck in your hair after rinsing. And of course then you also get through it a lot faster as well.

With the promise of 60 – 80 washes for my short hair, the Montalbano Shampoo Bar seems surprisingly good value for £5.75, lasting much longer than the liquid shampoo I was using previously, and containing more natural ingredients too. It has a very lemony scent, which you can smell on your hair after a while although it’s not overpowering. There’s piece of green olives in the shampoo bar as well, which I did think might be inclined to make my hair greasy, but thankfully they didn’t have that effect.

Lush Montalbano Review

My hair is naturally blonde, but it tends to look more brown in the winter before the sunlight lightens it in the spring and summer. The inclusion of lemon oil in Montalbano helps to lighten my hair without the need for sunshine, which is fantastic for a typically British summer!

The bar lathers up easily when rubbed between your hands, but works equally well just streaked over hair before rubbing it in with your hands, which can help to get those awkward strands of hair that always lurk behind the ear. Because it lathers so easily, there’s no risk of using more than you need, which means it should definitely last a nice long time. It’s a bit annoying to have to leave it out to dry off for a while before putting it away, but that aside, it’s definitely good value for money for the amount of washes you get.