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  • Buzzin’ Around


  • Buzzing Bees in the Bin….?

    Buzzing Bees in the Bin….?

    The “solar powered big belly bins” in the city centre are causing a buzz…. literally! A few days after a couple of local beekeepers collected a swarm from the bin, more bees were gathering. Because the beekeepers were able to collect the swarm, the first ones must have been honeybees…. but I wasn’t willing to…

  • Saturday Special – Exhausted Bees

    Saturday Special – Exhausted Bees

    Rather than a photo of something I’ve seen today, I thought I’d do a special post for every Saturday this month – a tip or suggestion for something wild. Today’s tip came from a sight earlier in the week – I was walking along the path when I spotted a bee on the pavement in front of me.…

  • Buzzing Around

    I was hoping to be able to spot some birds in the garden, but they had other ideas. I did however manage to spot this insect (I’m pretty sure it’s a bee, but it was moving a little too quickly for easy identification!), which seemed to be keen on these flowers in particular. #30dayswild

  • Buzzy Bees

    No, this wasn’t taken in a garden – this particular plant is growing near a retaining wall quite close to the road. A favourite with the bees, I was able to catch a photo of two bees gathering the nectar – all the other bees were moving too quickly! #30dayswild

  • Buzzing Bees on a Blackberry Bush

    Buzzing Bees on a Blackberry Bush

    Although you can buy Blackberry plants from garden centres, they grow readily in the wild: the side of the lane was full of the thorny stems and flowers, with plenty of bees gathering nectar. As I was taking photos, two passers-by stopped to look at the flowers. Commenting to each other on the abundance of “blossom”…